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Various committees

Social awakening committee

Education is not only learning of facts but training of minds. With a happy and cheerful environment, learning becomes easy and not a strenuous task. The humanities activities are conducted with a vision to foster liberal arts education. Social Science discipline aims to promote cultural harmony along with dedication, loyalty and discipline among the students. The activities are conducted to extend the understanding of various awareness activities with emphasis on social, political and environmental issues. Various days of national and international importance like Environment day, Constitution day, Swachch Bharath Abhiyan, Human Rights day, Unity day , National Youth day, Martyr’s day, Yoga day etc to name a few, are observed every year.

Intramural committee

Our school encourages various co-curricular activities and the students participate in them with enthusiasm throughout the year and prizes are awarded.

Extramural committee

The students not only participate in the events organized in the school but also in various events and competitions organized outside the school and prizes are secured

Examination committee

The daunting task of conducting various tests and examinations is taken care by a committee of teachers supervised by the principal.

Child protection committee

Anti-sexual harassment committee for girl children and women