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Rules of discipline for the students

  • The students must be in the school premises ten minutes,before the school commences.
  • At the first bell, the students must take their places in a line in silence. During prayer, they should observe complete silence.
  • When going up and down the stairs/ corridor the students should walk in single file and should always keep to the left.
  • The students should not throw paper or other rubbish any where in the school except in the bins provided for this purpose.
  • The students should be particularly careful not be dirty the school premises and not to damage the school property.
  • Running about or shouting in the school premises is not permitted.
  • The students should learn to be courteous, polite and well behaved.
  • The students should consistently practise conversing in english, while at school.
  • The students should attend the classes neatly dressed in the school uniform as prescribed.
  • The students should bring the required textbooks and exercise books and other equipments regularly, failing which they may not be permitted to attend classes.
  • The students should not bring to school such books, pictures, periodicals etc. as are not approved by the school authorities.
  • The students should show due respect and courtesy to all the school staff, especially the teachers.
  • The students should show due respect and courtesy to all the school staff,especially the teachers.
  • Disciplinary action will be taken in case of violation of any of the rules and it may finally result in T.C being issued a period should be strictly followed.
  • Returning the marks cards to the class teachers after obtaining the signature of the parents within the stipulated period should be strictly followed.
  • Any unruly behaviour like beating or quarreling will be viewed seriously. Parents are requested to warn their children constantly against such bad behaviour.
  • Do not damage any school property, you will have to replace it later.


How should you conduct yourself with others?

  • Address the principal and at the staff as “madam”or “sir”as the case may be.
  • Say “excuse me please”, when you want to speak to anyone unasked for.
  • Be polite and courteous throughout.
  • Say “sorry” when you have faults when you have done wrong.
  • Asked for permission for say “ may i come in please” before you enter in .
  • Do not meet or talk to strangers nor accept anything from them. But intimate your teacher immediately about suspicious characters entering the school campus.
  • Be pleasing bold in asking any relevant question in the classroom to get your doubts cleared. Do not feel shy to ask relevant questions.
  • Do not damage any private and public property.