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Guidelines for parents

  1. While escorting your child to and from the school, please keep the following in mind :
    • Do not follow the child to the classroom. Leave the child inside the gate under our care.
    • The premises have to be kept free for morning prayer, assembly and physical education programmes. Hence, avoid crowding in the promises.
    • After the last bell , the child will move out from the classroom to the place notified inside the gate till then wait outside. Join the child at the notified place to take him/her back immediately. Do not go to the classroom.
    • If the child is left in the school premises 15 minutes after the final bell, the institution cannot take the responsibility of the child. Hence, be on time to take the child back home.
    • As far as possible avoid calling back your child during class hours.
    • Parents and ascorts should show due regard to the school staff in general and teaching staff, in particular.
  2. In order to ensure steady progress of your child please.
    • Co- operate with the school so that the child maintains regularity, punctuality and discipline.
    • Look into the progress report of your child carefully, ensure that the steady progress is maintained by them. Help us in our efforts to evolve increased standards of excellence.
  3. Please arrange to send healthy food, clean and boiled water for lunch.
  4. Please make it a policy to meet the class teacher and / or the principal whenever you are requested to do so. Do not excuse yourself in this important matter.
  5. In case you want to call on the principal in the connection with any of the problems concerning your ward.
    • Please note that the visiting Hours are:Week days : 9-00 a.m to 10-00 a.m
      4-00 p.m to 4-30 p.m
      Saturday : 8-30 a.m to 9-30 a.m
    • Fix up prior appointment with the principal to call on her other timings.
  6. Please join us in the great task of building a model school and offer your constructive suggestions in the parents – teacher meet periodically arranged by the school.