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Fees structure


  • Parents should give in writing at least 3 days advance notice regarding the withdrawal of their children.
  • T.C will not be issued unless dues to the school are cleared.


  • Fees for the entire term shall be collected even if the students attend only for a part of the term.
  • Fee should be paid before 20th of every month.

Fee is determined as per State Govt. norms.

Class Tuition Fee Miscellaneous Fee Special Development Fee
L.K.G and U.K.G RS. 2700/- PER MONTH RS.2000/- PER ANNUM NIL
I TO X STD. RS. 3200/- PER MONTH RS. 3200/- PER ANNUM RS. 2500/- PER ANNUM



  • For classes I to X tests, mid term and annual examinations are held in an academic year.


  • Report an attendance, conduct and progress will be issued after each test and examination.
  • Parents should go through the report card after every test, sign and return test and examination.
  • Test papers and examination papers will be sent to the parents from time to time. These should be gone through and also signed by the parents and returned to the class teacher three days.
  • Children will be assessed in their co-scholastic such as music, sports, arts, attitudes etc,..on a 5 point grade scale and added to the report card. Marks will be allotted for good handwriting and neat class work books.