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Aims and Objectives

Aims & Objectives

  • Establishing general educational institutions of high quality.
  • Establishing good schools and colleges; from the kindergarten level to the graduate level.
  • Opening of advanced institutions in the faculties of indology, law, engineering, madicine, computer science, electrics., commerce and teaching.
  • Promoting literary, cultural, spiritual and social activities.
  • Encouraging sports and athletics.
  • Establishing an institute of fine Arts to provide facilities for teaching dance, drama, music, sculpture, drawing,painting etc.
  • Running adult literacy classes for the benefit of the rural and urban illiterate persons.
  • Giving sound citizenship – training through moral and spiritual education with an emphasis on our cultural heritage.
  • Establishing Health clinics, Hospitals and medical service centers to help the poor and the needy.
  • Establishing students Hostels, working women’s Hostels, Home for the aged, Libraries and community Halls.
  • Publication of educational, spiritual and literary works


  • All our educational institutions recognise the respective authorities, vtz… the department of public institutions, board of pre – university education of the bangalore university and the central board and secondary education, New Delhi.